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1F Holding Group, global mobility transcending time, transforming into a symphony of incredible and sophisticated experiences, meticulously orchestrated to exceed your expectations.

With a select group of companies excelling in their segments, a 360º vision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, 1F Holding Group offers comprehensive solutions ranging from relocation and immigration to travel management and global payroll.

Our expertise goes further, providing a holistic understanding of the challenges of global mobility.



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LFVATE emerges as an unprecedented paradigm of luxury, offering exclusive access to those who aspire to a life of greater affluence, prestige, and simplicity. With a highly selective approach, we invite only handpicked individuals to experience the lifestyle, luxury, and freedom of true global citizenship.


HAYMAN-WOODWARD emerges as an unparalleled leader in global mobility, offering specialized immigration services to the United States. As the foremost company specializing in EB-2 NIW cases, we adopt a highly selective approach, inviting only handpicked individuals to experience the opportunities, benefits, and freedom of true global citizenship.



HAYWEX specializes in currency exchange, offering the lowest rates in the market in a simple, secure, and digital way. The company ensures a quick and reliable experience for all currency exchange needs. With a fully online system, HAYWEX facilitates financial transactions for both individuals and businesses, always with efficiency and security.

Leo Freitas

Leonardo Freitas. Founder and owner of HAYMAN-WOODWARD, LFVATE, and Hay Talent. International immigration expert. Globetrotter. Your guide to access and unbordered opportunity.


Hay Branding

Hay Branding specializes in marketing, branding, and generating high-performance hot leads. With innovative, results-focused strategies, the company helps businesses grow and stand out in the market. Hay Branding offers personalized solutions that increase visibility and attract qualified customers, ensuring effective and measurable returns.

Hay English

Hay English is a digital school for those looking to learn English, always with an innovative method and leveraging technology. The school offers interactive lessons, personalized learning plans, and real-time feedback to ensure effective progress. Hay English focuses on practical language skills and cultural understanding, making learning enjoyable and effective for students worldwide.


    Hay Talent

    Hay Talent is a human capital company focused on entrepreneurship. It specializes in identifying and nurturing entrepreneurial talent, helping individuals and organizations thrive. With a deep understanding of business needs and a personalized approach, Hay Talent offers solutions that foster innovation and growth. The company supports startups and established businesses alike in achieving their goals through strategic talent management and development.

      Not Your Typical Talent

      Not Your Typical Talent specializes in athletes, celebrities, and artists, exclusively catering to the American market. The company offers tailored management services that enhance careers and maximize opportunities. With a focus on personalized representation and strategic career development, Not Your Typical Talent ensures clients achieve their full potential in the competitive entertainment industry.



      HWGEM is an investment holding company focused on natural resources and renewable energies, including carbon credits and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With a strategic approach to sustainable investments, HWGEM supports initiatives that promote environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. The company seeks to drive innovation in the renewable energy sector, contributing to a greener future through responsible and impactful investments.

      HW Aviation

      HW Aviation is a private jet charter company specializing in personalized air travel solutions. With a commitment to luxury, safety, and convenience, HW Aviation offers bespoke charter services tailored to individual needs. Whether for business or leisure, the company provides seamless travel experiences, ensuring comfort and privacy for its discerning clientele. HW Aviation is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and maintaining the highest standards in private aviation.


      Yellow Visa

      YELLOW VISA emerges as an unparalleled leader in immigration services, specializing in immigration to the United States and Portugal. As the only company in the world to truly utilize artificial intelligence to assist in case processing, we adopt a highly selective approach, inviting only handpicked individuals to experience the opportunities, benefits, and freedom of true global citizenship.